Wireless Days 2019

April 24th - 26th | Manchester, UK

Track 5: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles in Land, Water and Sky

Track Co-Chairs

Scope and Motivation

The shape of smart mobility is changing, driven by research in three directions: first, the incorporation of underwater vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles into holistic vehicular communication systems. Second, the incorporation of new technologies for communication over the air – such as the 11p extensions nicknamed “802.11px”, along with entirely new 3GPP operation modes for cellular vehicle-to-everything communication (C-V2X) and complemented by novel wireless communication modes of vehicular visible light communication (V-VLC). Third, the incorporation of fundamental changes in system design prompted by new multi-radio, multi-technology, and multi-system communication approaches, new service provision models, and improvements in the domain of performance evaluation of system designs.

The purpose of this track is to bring together researchers, engineers, and students from academia and industry to discuss and exchange novel ideas about theoretical and practical aspects in the application domains of:

Main Topics of Interest

We solicit original and unpublished work in the area of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles in Land, Water and Sky, including but not limited to the following topics of interest: