Wireless Days 2019

April 24th - 26th | Manchester, UK

Track 6: IoT and Smart X: Networking, Cloudification and Services

Track Co-Chairs

Scope and Motivation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is penetrating and transforming our lives. Sensing and identification technologies embedded in everyday objects, together with local and wide area communication and computation systems (both in the environment and in the Cloud), enable us to gain impressive awareness about the state of the real world and will drastically change the way we interact with our environment. Urban planning, smart cities, intelligent shopping, smart meters, home automation, security and surveillance, industrial applications like process industry automation, supply chain, smart product management and agricultural applications are examples of potential applications of real-world systems. Even though the advent of the IPv6/6LoWPAN protocol suite solved several technical issues, still many challenges are open in the research and development communities concerning the choice of communication paradigms, architectures and technology.

The next step in the evolution of the IoT is its characterization as the underlying technological layer needed to shape and substantiate higher layer concepts like the semantic web and personalization. In fact, the IoT is the enabling technology to allow the virtual and physical world to converge in what has already been defined as Web 3.0. If, currently, the IoT is the most suited companion of blogging, podcasting, tagging and social networking, we can imagine that its evolution will foster the rise of statistical, machine-constructed semantic tags and algorithms through the construction and exploitation of semantic databases empowered by distributed and cloud computing. The integration of the IoT with semantic databases, capable of delivering accurate information about the nature and the state of every physical objects will introduce a staggering amount of new applications opportunities as well as it will potentially lead to an ultimate “Big brother scenario”. Therefore, a particular interest will have to be given to appropriate security and privacy control mechanisms.

Main Topics of Interest

The goal of this track is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the area of IoT and to discuss the current state and future directions of the field. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to: