Wireless Days 2019

April 24th - 26th | Manchester, UK

Track 3: Mobile Networking and Computing

Track Co-Chairs

Scope and Motivation

The proliferation of high-end mobile devices as well as the increasing popularity of multimedia-based applications has led to an exponential increase in the data traffic. This explosion of mobile broadband traffic puts significant pressure on the underlying mobile networks. In this context, the promise of next generation networks comes with high expectations of ultra low latency and record-breaking data speeds to accommodate applications with strict Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, such as omnidirectional video streaming, Virtual Reality (VR) gamers, autonomous cars, etc. Consequently, the network operators will have to overcome the challenges of accommodating all these heterogeneous bandwidth-hungry applications while maintaining high levels of Quality of Experience (QoE) for their customers. However, looking at the current environment, it is becoming apparent that these high expectations cannot be reached with just a simple increase in the system capacity without rethinking the entire network architecture and integrating new emerging technologies.

The aim of this track is to bring together experts from industry, academia and regulatory bodies and to offer a deep understanding of the challenges faced by next generation mobile networks with possible solutions.

Main Topics of Interest

Prospective authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work in the area of mobile networking and computing, multimedia networking and novel applications, including, but not limited to, the following topics: